Views on Europe FR
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Views on Europe FR
Europe and German Painting in the 19th Century
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This publication presents what a wealth and surprising variety of paintings were produced in Europe between the French Revolution and World War I.

The selection of about 150 masterpieces, ranging from Classicism to Romanticism and Realism, demonstrates how German painters examined very different themes from European history and literature, how they traveled throughout Europe, and ultimately how they influenced other countries with their artistic ideas: nineteenth-century German painting was European.

Painting ranging from Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Caspar David Friedrich to Adolph Menzel and Max Liebermann is the theme of this richly illustrated publication. Informative brief essays by known experts discuss first-class works from the three largest museum associations in the cities of Berlin, Dresden, and Munich, as well as twenty other important German collections, showing the perception of Europe at that time. An appendix contains extensive commentary on each individual painting. A synopsis of German history with a view to Europe rounds off this standard work on German nineteenth-century art.
PublisherHatje Cantz
Illustrationswith 395 (382 col.) ills
ContributorsU. Bischoff, W. Cortjaens u.a
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceBerlin, Dresden, München
Article IDart-45426


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