Die Berliner Mauer 1984 von Westen aus gesehen (sign.)
192 pages, 23 x 26 cm , 980 g.
Die Berliner Mauer 1984 von Westen aus gesehen (sign.)
Philipp J. Bösel und Burkhard Maus
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In 1984 the two photographers Philipp J. Bösel and Burkhard Maus travelled from their home town of Cologne to Berlin and started making a photographic record of the Berlin wall, without a commission to do so. The two photographers set themselves the goal of documenting the border installation in its entire length of 18 kilometers, without a gap.
The result of their project is unique and is probably the most extensive photographic documentation of the inner city section of the wall. The book is the first to show the entire collection of 1,144 black and white photographs. The juxtaposition of the individual pictures creates a staccato-like panorama that allows the viewer to see the Berlin wall as a spatial continuum. The surface textures of the wall can be studied here, as can the countless graffiti and professions of political belief that are inevitably read today as testimonials to the times and are all the more fascinating 30 years later.

The publication is being issued as a limited edition of 1,144 copies, corresponding to the number of photographs. Included in each book is a separate print from the pool of 1,144 images.

Book comes in slipcase with 5-language booklet: Ger, Engl, Fr, Rus, Jap.
and a unique photograph in glassine sleeve.


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