Modelling for the Camera
208 pages, 20 x 26 cm , 1167 g.
Modelling for the Camera
Photography of Architectural Models in Spain 1925 - 1970
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This book pays tribute to two important systems of architectural representation: the model and the photography. It rescues over one hundred original photographs of outstanding models —finally built or not built— in Spain during the twentieth-century. A modern, visual, critical and historiographical discourse of the first magnitude. Beyond the analysis of their technical or compositional structure , the book includes sample pictures by photographs like Català- Roca, Kindel , Pando, Llado, Maspons - Ubiña Gomez or Massats and architects as Aizpurúa , de la Sota and Higueras.
EditorIñaki Bergera
PublisherLa Fabrica
Article IDart-39275


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