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Avant-Garde Fashion and Style
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Fashion from another planet. Unwearable, subversive, radically post-human, alien. Otherworldly presents avant-garde garments, styling, fashion photography, and young designers who are a whole galaxy away from the mainstream.

Other rules apply to the fashion of the future. New technologies and materials make things possible today that couldn t have even been imagined in the past. Hightech fabrics and melting forms are no longer science fiction but reality. Fashion is constantly reinventing itself, but many designers and stylists are now taking it to extremes. Inspired by the odd, mutant, and deformed, they are redefining clothing to expand the body from wearables to the utter transfiguration of the human silhouette.

Otherworldly showcases a fashion avantgarde between futurism and fetish. Featuring work by designers such as Lucy McRae, Peter Popps, Marina Hoermanseder, and Viktor & Rolf, it not only explores this groundbreaking development but also its fruitful interplay with photography.
Author(s) Theo-Mass Lexileictous
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