Henri Matisse
80 pages, 14.5 x 21 cm , 284 g.
Henri Matisse
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Henri Matisse created an oeuvre that is unparalleled in its brilliance and originality. His colorfully luminescent paintings are a sweeping affirmation of joie-de-vivre, levity and sensitivity. Featuring well-researched texts and numerous illustrations, this volume offers fascinating insights into the life and artistic development of Henri Matisse, one of the preeminent pioneers of modern art.

When people think of Matisse’s art, they tend to remember above all the famous cut-outs from the last years of his life. He created these at a time when he was already confined to his bed and traded his brush for scissors.

In the new volume of the The Great Masters in Art series, Markus Müller knowledgeably and vividly describes how Matisse’s artistic oeuvre developed towards these color-intensive and near-abstract works. An illustrated biography, as well as archive finds the author was able to include thanks to his close connection to the artist’s estate, present Matisse as an artist whose works are a feast of colors and forms.
ContributorsMarkus Müller
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