Aaron Siskind – Une autre réalité photographique
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Aaron Siskind – Une autre réalité photographique
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Aaron Siskind (1903-1991) was a major figure in the history of American photography. A leading documentary photographer who was active in the New York Photo League in the 1930s, Siskind moved beyond the social realism of his early work as he increasingly came to view photography as a visual language of signs, metaphors, and symbols--the equivalent of poetry and music.

Through the forties and fifties, he developed new techniques to photograph details and fragments of ordinary, commonplace materials. This radical new work transformed Siskind's image-making from straight photography to abstraction, from documentation to expressive art. His concern with shape, line, gesture, and the picture plane prompted immediate comparison with abstract expressionist painting, particularly with the art of Franz Kline and Robert Motherwell.

It took some years for Siskind's unprecedented photography to gain full acceptance, but, by the 1970s, he was an acknowledged master, publishing and exhibiting widely. Siskind was also one of the founding donors who established the archive at the Center for Creative Photography.

Aaron Siskind, photographe, n’a pas eu la chance de ses pairs photographes américains : l’influence de son œuvre n’est pas à la hauteur des très rares ouvrages qui lui sont consacrés. Il était urgent de publier une monographie qui soit autre chose qu’un beau livre illustré.

L’originalité de cet artiste, sans précédent dans la photographie américaine, a pu créer un contresens sur son œuvre, tendue entre l’influence de Walker Evans et celle de l’européen Moholy Nagy.
Author(s)Gilles Mora
ContributorsCharles Traub
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