Andrej Krementschouk – Chernobyl Zone II
88 pages, 38 x 27 cm , 560 g.
Andrej Krementschouk – Chernobyl Zone II
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Since 2008 photographer Andrej Krementschouk took several trips to Chernobyl, venturing into the restricted area around the reactor. While Chernobyl Zone (I) shows pictures he took of the rural landscape, this volume presents his photographs of the deserted urban zone. The pictures of Prypiat, evacuated on April 27, 1986, show a ghost town where nature is reclaiming the cityscape, leaving the traces of human habitation to gradually disappear.
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsAndrej Krementschouk, Esther Ruelfs, Wolfgang Kil
Article IDart-28197
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