Museum Folkwang – Masterpieces of the collection
296 pages, 25 x 33 cm , 2390 g.
Museum Folkwang – Masterpieces of the collection
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The Museum Folkwang, founded by Karl Ernst Osthaus in 1902, treats its visitors to an exquisite assortment of paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture. Many of the works are recognized classics of the avant-garde, while also serving as representatives of entire movements.

The collection ranges from Caspar David Friedrich and Vincent van Gogh to Martin Kippenberger. Works of art from Japan, Java, Oceania, Africa, and other non-European cultures reinforce the museum’s cosmopolitan focus, the foundations of which were laid with Osthaus’s initial collection. In addition, the museum houses a comprehensive and noteworthy collection of photographs, with masterpieces by photographers from Gustave Le Gray to Andreas Gursky.

And, finally, the German Poster Museum attests to the breadth of the Museum Folkwang’s interests and its high level of commitment to the popular arts. This superb-quality volume is indispensable to every art enthusiast.
ContributorsTobia Bezzola, Tabias Burg, Florian Ebner et al.
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