Julian Faulhaber – Catalogue
76 pages, 26 x 35 cm , 416 g.
Julian Faulhaber – Catalogue
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Since the late 90s, Cape Town has become the location of choice for commercial photography and film shoots. The place is a shapeshifter – its streets and beaches, hills and homes made to mimic just about everywhere in the world.

Collected by Julian Faulhaber during several years he spent working in and amongst these shoots, the photographs of Catalogue reveal the world behind the perfect images we encounter on our screens and in glossy magazines.

Like a powerful advert, Catalogue, promises meaning: an answer, a solution, a way to sate human desires. But unlike an advert, that meaning is never quite revealed. It is always just out of reach, a turn of the page away, or just out of shot.
EditorAndreas Gehrke
PublisherDrittel Books
LanguageEnglish, German
ContributorsSeyyal Carnetto
Article IDart-27841


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