Fashion Plates
426 pages, 21 x 25 cm , 1650 g.
Fashion Plates
150 Years of Style
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A sumptuously illustrated, encyclopedic chronicle of fashion and its trends, from the 18th to the early 20th century

Prior to the invention of photography, European and American magazines used colorful prints to depict the latest fashion trends. These illustrations, known as “fashion plates,” conveyed the cutting-edge styles embraced by the fashion-conscious elite and proved inspirational to the upwardly mobile.

This lavishly illustrated book provides a comprehensive survey of 200 color plates from publications dating from 1778 to the early 20th century, accompanied by authoritative and fascinating texts. Organized chronologically and featuring both men’s and women’s garments, these lively and colorful vignettes not only are beautiful, but also deftly illustrate the evolution of fashion over time.
EditorKaren Trivette Cannell
PublisherYale University Press
Author(s)April Calahan
ContributorsAnna Sui
Article IDart-24259


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