Chuck Close – Prints
200 pages, 25.5 x 30.5 cm , 1574 g.
Chuck Close – Prints
Process and Collaboration
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This essential volume on Chuck Close’s innovative and groundbreaking techniques presents a life’s work in printmaking by one of the most influential artists of our time.

Since the retrospective exhibition of Chuck Close’s prints first began touring in 2003, it has visited some 20 venues around the world, even as the artist has persisted in working prolifically and brilliantly in various print media. Revealing the full arc of Close’s career in printmaking, including his most recent work and technical achievements, this book features everything from woodcuts, Woodbury types, and anamorphic etchings to felt hand-stamp prints, pulp-paper multiples, and watercolor pigment prints.

With a thorough introduction, an essay by the distinguished scholar Richard Shiff, and interviews with the artist and master printmakers, this classic study will stand as the definitive reference on Close’s print practice for years to come.
Author(s)Terrie Sultan
ContributorsRichard Shiff
Article IDart-23674


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