Jim Dine – About the Love of Printing
224 pages, 18 x 27 cm , 1000 g.
Jim Dine – About the Love of Printing
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Perhaps more than any other artist of his generation, Jim Dine is fascinated with the technical processes of printing, particularly with its experimental aspects that cannot be planned to the last detail.

Dine often combines the most varied of printing techniques on the same sheet of paper, creating completely new methods of working with the printing plate—often in collaboration with master printers such as Aldo Crommelynck, Kurt Zein and Michael Woolworth.

This book explores seven work series in the spectrum of Dine’s printmaking, from his famous hearts, to his ongoing exploration of the self-portrait and his fascination with the story of Pinocchio. Two essays offer an insight into the technical particularities of Dine’s prints and the importance of his collaborations with printers. »About the Love of Printing« furthermore presents all prints created by Dine since 2001, filling a crucial gap in the documentation of his graphic oeuvre.
ContributorsTobia Bezzola, Marco Livingsstone, Tobias Burg
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