Ellsworth Kelly – Ligne Forme Couleur
128 pages, 22 x 28 cm , 870 g.
Ellsworth Kelly – Ligne Forme Couleur
1923 - 2015
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This catalog accompanies an exhibition of works by Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015) at the Lambert Collection in Avignon, focusing on 54 prints donated to the French National Art History Institute by Kelly's partner, Jack Shear, in addition to previously unexhibited paintings, artist's books, drawings and collages. The collection shows how, throughout his career, Kelly experimented with the possibilities that printed images offer, from his first lithographs produced in Paris in 1949 to his monumental works on paper of the 2000s. Color reveals unknown aspects of the artist's work, in particular a series of abstract color lithographs and images of planets produced in Paris in the mid-1960s. Also featured are Kelly's series of variations from 1988 in which he uses his own face or the faces of friends as a motif.
PublisherActes Sud
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