Classic and Modern Fabrics
320 pages, 22.2 x 2.85 cm , 1898 g.
Classic and Modern Fabrics
The Complete Illustrated Sourcebook
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From the earliest weaves uncovered by archaeologists to today’s machine-produced, scientifically advanced fabrics, textiles have had a profound influence on civilization. As technologies change and world economics influence the direction that fashion and textiles take, it is vital that both skills and our textile vocabulary should be kept alive.

This encyclopaedia is a definitive reference guide to all the major types of fabric in circulation today, from abbot cloth to zibeline. In clear and engaging language, the author describes and illustrates more than 600 of the most important examples, from classic tweeds to state-of-the-art nano fabrics. Each entry includes a brief definition, informative notes on structure, and a list of uses. More than 700 color illustrations show a fabric’s weave, texture, and other defining characteristics at a glance, and helpful diagrams demonstrate the structure of the most important types of textiles.

The book concentrates on textiles in current use, but it also covers obscure or obsolete terms that one might come across—and that might still have something to teach today’s designers, manufacturers, and textile historians. Each entry is carefully cross-referenced, and the book includes an extensive glossary and bibliography.
PublisherThames & Hudson
Author(s)Janet Wilson
Article IDart-21707


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