Alexander Rodchenko – Design
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Alexander Rodchenko – Design
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Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko was a central figure in the Russian Contructivist art movement: a radical activist, a pioneer of photomontage, a theorist, and a teacher. He was an active force in the organisation of the first museums of modern art that arose in Russia in the first years after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Central in the re-examination of art and its place in society after the Revolution, and in the search for a new culture without the class implications of the past, Rodchenko's radical approach proposed a new understanding of a constructed, rather than a tastefully composed, culture.

This concise, comprehensive, and informative book focuses largely on Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko's graphic work in the form of book jackets, posters and advertising.
PublisherACC Art Books
Author(s)John Milner
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