Roni Horn – To Place
136 pages, 21.5 x 26.6 cm , 750 g.
Roni Horn – To Place
Arctic Circles
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Arctic Circles is the seventh book in Roni Horn’s ongoing “To Place” series of publications, which takes as its starting point Iceland and Horn’s experiences there. “To Place” displays the spectrum of Horn’s diverse practice, from watercolor, graphite and typographic drawings to photographs; Arctic Circles comprises photos gathered around a reading of the Northern Horizon as a collection of cyclical and circular events. The books to date in the coveted “To Place” encyclopedia are Bluff Life (1990), Folds (1991), Lava (1992), Pooling Waters (1994), Verne’s Journey (1995), Haraldsdóttir (1996), Arctic Circles (1998), Becoming a Landscape (2001), Doubt Box (2006) and Haraldsdóttir Part Two (2011).

First edition of 1998

Published by Ginny Williams / Printed by Steidl
NoteFirst edition
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