La Peinture Medievale à Paris
1011 pages, 27.5 x 33.5 cm , 3935 g.
La Peinture Medievale à Paris
1300–1500 (2 vols.)
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This book by Charles Sterling offers an overview of the pictorial production in Paris over two centuries (1300-1500). The capital of France was then both: a centre of intense spiritual and artistic life and a city shaken by riots, ravaged by epidemics, famines and war. However, it did not cease to shine as a focus of painting. A home that was important not only for France but for the whole of Europe.

The second volume is devoted to the art of painting in Paris in the 15th century. Several tapestries and stained glass windows are added to the study of this active period, extending from the reign of Charles VII to that of Louis XII.

ISBN vol. 1: 9782850470028
ISBN vol. 2: 9782850471629
PublisherWildenstein Institute
Author(s)Charles Sterling
Article IDart-20394


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