Claude Monet – Biographie et Catalogue Raisonné
1875 pages, 28.7 x 38.7 cm , 17265 g.
Claude Monet – Biographie et Catalogue Raisonné
(5 vols.)
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Do we still have to introduce Claude Monet? Everything seems to have been said about the artist - at least almost.
The catalogue raisonné by Wildenstein presents the life and work of the Impressionist in five precise volumes. It has formed the basis of all further research since its publication (the first volume was published in 1974, the last in 1991).
Monet's extensive oeuvre comprises over 2044 paintings (presented in the first four volumes), as well as pastels, watercolours, drawings, sketches and tapestries (in the last volume). A list of the relevant archives, excerpts from Monet's extensive correspondence, and a list of the photographs (also vol. 5) allow a contextualization of the works and confirm the exemplary validity of this reference work.
The individual volumes cover the following years:
Volume I: 1840-1881
Volume II: 1882-1886
Volume III: 1887-1898
Volume IV: 1899-1926
EditorDaniel Wildenstein
PublisherWildenstein Institute
ContributorsRodolphe Walter, Sylvie Crussard
Type of bookCatalogue Raisonné
Article IDart-20393


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