Gustave Courbet – La Vie et l'Œuvre
666 pages, 29.2 x 39.5 cm , 6910 g.
Gustave Courbet – La Vie et l'Œuvre
1819-1865 Peintures & 1866-1877 Dessins, Sculptures (2 vols.)
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Since 31 December 1877, the reception of Gustave Courbet's work has alternated between scientific esteem and petty criticism. Many Biedermänner would have liked the revolutionary's art to be forgotten forever.
Only the generation of painters who worked between 1870 and 1900 paid him a worthy tribute - alongside the Impressionists, whom Courbet paved the way for artistic freedom. In 1873 a group of young painters from the Franc-comtois exhibited a dozen of his paintings, in 1897 others organized a small retrospective at the Durand-Ruel Gallery, and in 1906 the organizers of the Salon d'automne organized another.
In the meantime, these efforts have long since become part of a tradition. The justified Courbet worship includes a library, a half-yearly revue, a photo library, its own museum, and precisely this catalogue of works.
These two reference volumes trace the life and work of one of the most influential French painters of the 19th century. The Catalogue Raisonné from the Wildenstein Edition is a milestone of art history. Until now, it was considered tob e out of print. We were able to purchase some copies from the Institute's archives - as always at an affordable price!
PublisherWildenstein Institute
Author(s)Robert Fernier
Type of bookCatalogue Raisonné
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