Französische Miniaturen 1770-1880
444 pages, 25 x 30.2 cm , 3315 g.
Französische Miniaturen 1770-1880
Aus der Sammlung E. P. S.
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The miniature portrait is still a subject for private collectors today, because in this area pieces of proven museum quality can actually be found at an affordable price.

This magnificent volume presents the extensive and, above all, first-class private collection by Dr. Erika Pohl-Ströher of French portrait miniatures created by the best miniaturists of their time. Silk binding with gold embossing, jewellery slipcase, reading ribbon and an outstanding print quality on selected as well as different types of paper make this book an artwork on its own.
EditorMargareta Friesen
PublisherFacsimilia Art & Edition
Coversilk bound in decorative slipcase
Author(s)Edwin Bucher, Bodo Hofstetter
Article IDart-19800


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