Chinese Jades
224 pages, 23.8 x 31 cm , 1712 g.
Chinese Jades
The Youngman Collection. From Neolithic to Qing
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This volume features splendid examples of jade from the Neolithic period to the Qing from the Robert P. Youngman collection.

Profusely illustrated throughout, the Youngman collection is presented with detailed written descriptions that further characterize each piece's unique splendor--each standing out on its own with style and elegance. Presented in three parts, Part One features early jades (7000 BCE to 220 CE); Part Two focusses on jade carvings of flora, fauna and the human figure; Part Three features personal adornments, scholar's objects and vessels.
EditorFang Jing Pei
PublisherArt Media Resources
Author(s)Robert P. Youngman
ContributorsJ. May Lee Barret
Article IDart-19778


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