Gábor Arion Kudász – Human
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Gábor Arion Kudász – Human
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"To begin this work I chose my own narrow horizon, that is limited enough for me to inhabit, while exible enough to examine what is Human. At the very start an enigmatic object accidentally got in my way, it was the brick, that later on proved to be the perfect symbol, so many human qualities are compressed into it. Bricks are the simpli ed examples of how the universe can be cut into equal units, and understood. The size of a brick is derived from human measurements, a grip of a palm, length of a foot, height of a man, his muscle power. (...)

During my time in the brick factories I cooperated with workers in a sensitiza- tion process. Together we examined their role in production and I confronted them with assignments to question the fatigue of creativity, a fundamental hu- man gift. Workers were given chance to picture themselves as small parts of the living organism, and to formulate questions about their function and their rela- tion to it. (...)

As doubtful as it may sound, but the fully automatized brick factories — that laid off the majority of their human workforce to improve productivity — showed
a remarkable and accurate, yet allegoric example of the above transition from biological to technological. The human-animal distinction proves to be as awk- ward as the human-machine contrary. As Ray Kurzweil puts it: We are rapidly growing more intimate with our technology. Except, from where I see it, tech- nology is not ours, it belongs to life."
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