Daido Moriyama – Record 29
200 pages, 21 x 28 cm , 488 g.
Daido Moriyama – Record 29
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In this edition, Daido Moriyama reflects upon his relationship to another well-known Japanese photographer, Takuma Nakahira, spurred by his friend’s recent passing in September 2015. The two had been acquainted for more than 50 years, and initially connected through both photography and the fact that they both lived in Zushi. Moriyama writes that “my awareness of his presence helped me self-reflect on my work in a rather relative way”. Perhaps, then, the photographs he has selected to feature here, from bustling urban scenes and quieter backstreets in Japanese cities, to advertisements and people intently busy with their smartphones, is his tribute to Nakahira.
PublisherAkio Nagasawa
LanguageEnglish, jap.
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