Wolfgang Tillmans – Aufsicht
204 pages, 24.5 x 30 cm , 1350 g.
Wolfgang Tillmans – Aufsicht
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Last year (2000) Wolfgang Tillmans became the first German artist to receive the prestigious Turner Prize.

Now 37 years old, he has been resident in London for some years and his omnipresence in exhibitions and journals does not merely date from his recent award. As a photographer, Tillmans is much more than simply a chronicler of his own age - as we see in his new abstract pictures. This publication presents the first overview of these works: landscapes and cityscapes that have been retrospectively alienated through unsettling light effects. It also contains Tillmans' so-called 'blushes' or 'mental pictures': seemingly fragile compositions where the image has been formed without a negative, simply by the light falling on the photo paper. These recent works, by definition, sharpen our grasp of Tillmans' earlier representative photography - the crumpled, discarded clothes, the still lifes, the eclipse series or the Concorde series, where the abstract nature of his motifs and the composition per se are already taking centre stage.


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