Maxine Henryson – Ujjayi's Journey
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Maxine Henryson – Ujjayi's Journey
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Maxine Henryson explores the world through the lens of color. Hybrids of the abstract and the real, the painterly and the documentary, her photographs present a reality that is a cross between her imagination and the real world. "Ujjayi" means "victorious breath" in Sanskrit. "Ujjayi's Journey" is a visual poem in which Maxine Henryson explores religious coexistence, rituals, the female world and nature. She tells the story of her search for the portrayal of the divine-as-feminine within India's contemporary culture, linking the present to the past. Maxine Henryson's (b. 1943) photographs have been featured in exhibitions in the USA, Europe and India. Her work is in numerous private collections including the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg and the Art Institute of Chicago. As a freelance photographer, Henryson has been published in the New Yorker, The New York Times and New York magazine. She has taught at the International Center of Photography, City University of New York, and Bennington College. Henryson lives and works in New York.
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