Andrew Phelps – Higley
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Andrew Phelps – Higley
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"Why do we take pictures? To preserve memories? Stop time? Tell stories? Andrew Phelps' photographs of Higley, Arizona do all of these things. But most of all they make me want to go out into the world. Stripped of the usual tendency toward cynical sensationalism, Phelps' pictures depict Higley with a mixture of clarity and affection. After looking at this remarkable book, I feel like going outside to chat with my neighbour." {Alec Soth}

Higley, Arizona is disappearing. Week by week, a township, once at the center of a farming expanse, is steadily loosing ground to the exploding metropolis known as the "greater Phoenix area". Two-lane, dirt-shouldered, rough paved roads are being widened and annexed by entrance drives to bedroom communities with promising names like "Heritage Springs" or "Sunset Haven". Feed lots and grain silos have been replaced by strip malls and fast-food chains. Forced to sell out due to inflated property taxes and the urban encroachment, these vast lots of land, along with their history are loosing the battle against a homogenous America. These photographs of Higley are an in-depthdocumentation of this micro-cosmos of globalization.
ContributorsTamarra Kaida
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