The Still Life
288 pages, 25.1 x 33.5 cm , 2175 g.
The Still Life
In Product Presentation and Editorial Design
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In contrast with the immobility of the objects it depicts, still life has been speedily making a comeback onto contemporary platforms—from glossy magazines to Instagram feeds. This book showcases new directions in product portraiture by some of our time's most imaginative photographers, designers, and stylists.

"Still life" staples such as dead game and fruit bowls can still be seen in today’s of-the-moment arrangements, but they are now presented alongside the latest fashion accessories or luxury gadgets. The elaborate tabletops, collages, installations, and photographic illustrations featured in The Still Life bridge past and present, and skillfully meld elements of scenography and sculpture with the art of selling.
EditorAnna Sinofzik
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