The Logo Design Toolbox
224 pages, 21 x 26 cm , 1028 g.
The Logo Design Toolbox
Time-Saving Templates for Graphic Design
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The Logo Design Toolbox includes over 900 templates for contemporary graphic and logo design that provide designers with practical groundwork for implementing their own ideas. This book not only depicts the most used, recurring elements, symbols, and motifs in all of their conceivable permutations, but makes them available as scalable and customizable vector files on a free included DVD.

Thanks to The Logo Design Toolbox, no one has to reinvent the wheel—or almost anything else for that matter. The book provides a variety of designs for items from wheels, sashes, laurel wreaths, and crowns to anchors, beards, and pirate skulls along with multiple renditions of letters, triangles, stars, ornaments, and speech bubbles. These can be used by amateurs and professionals alike as a time-saving basis for creating their own cards, flyers, posters, websites, presentations, logos, or T-shirts.
NoteIncludes DVD
Author(s)Alexander Tibelius
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