Roman Signer – Installation
40 pages, 21 x 29.6 cm , 270 g.
Roman Signer – Installation
Unfall als Skulptur
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„The idea for the 'Installation – Unfall als Skulptur' came to me spontaneously when I first saw the hall. I very consciously call it an installation; it was namely not an action. [...] The van plunged down the sloped 11-metre-high ramp and, together with its load of six barrels of 200 litres of water each, overturned – the moments of keeling over, the extreme acceleration and the abrupt standstill formed the starting point. As a public action it would have been much too dangerous. The visitors to the exhibition saw a sculpture; they were confronted with a process that had already taken place. The accident played itself out in the viewers' heads.“ (Roman Signer)
PublisherVerlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
LanguageGerman, English
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKunstraum Dornbirn
Article IDart-15421


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