Susan Hiller
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Susan Hiller
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Susan Hiller was born in the United States in 1940. Rather than attending art school she studied anthropology, moving to London in the early 1960s where she became an artist. Employing a wide variety of media, Hiller has done much in recent decades to redefine what a work of art can be. Much of her work is centred on the subconscious mind and ideas of the paranormal present in cultures around the world. Specific works have investigated auras, extra sensory perception, close encounters, dreams and automatic writing. Many are large-scale installations, variously employing film, audio, video and projection. She makes use of found material, ranging from overlooked aspects of popular culture like wallpaper and postcards, to audio interviews with members of the public.

Comprehensive and extensively illustrated, this book will cover Hiller's entire career. It will include an introductory essay by Tate curator Ann Gallagher; a conversation between the critics Guy Brett, Yves-Alan Bois and the artist; and, fresh perspectives on her work from Jorg Heiser, Alexandra Kokoli and Jan Verwoert. Also reprinting key, previously published responses to Hiller by critics, this will be the most thorough and up to date survey of this extraordinary artist yet published.
EditorAnn Gallagher
PublisherTate Publishing
CoverPaperback with flaps
ContributorsYve-Alain Bois, Guy Brett, Jörg Heise et al.
Article IDart-15245
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