Karl Lagerfeld – Casa Malaparte
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Karl Lagerfeld – Casa Malaparte
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"There was something in Capri, in its most wild, most solitary, most dramatic part, where the island, nearly human, becomes ferocious, where nature expresses itself with a cruel and incomparable strength, an extremely pure and linear promontory, which tore up the sea with its cutting claw. No place in Italy has such a wide horizon to stare at, nor such a depth of feeling. A site only for strong men and for free spirits... Here, in this wilderness, I am the first one who will build a house."

Few modern buildings embody antique beauty and mythical magic like Casa Malaparte, designed by the controversial Italian journalist, poet and novelist Curzio Malaparte in 1937 as a home for himself. Karl Lagerfeld visited the site for five days in November 1997 and took a series of Polaroids, which were subsequently transferred to Arches mold-made paper and published in book form by Steidl in 1998. This sought-after classic is finally available again in a new edition.

"A house like me!" Curzio Malaparte
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