Tomasz Gudzowaty – Photography as a New Kind of Love Poem
304 pages, 28 x 37 cm
Tomasz Gudzowaty – Photography as a New Kind of Love Poem
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This is the first monograph by Tomasz Gudzowaty, presenting a selection of his iconic pictures which have won him numerous awards and international recognition, alongside previously unpublished material. Photography as a New Kind of Love Poem contains two decades of work by Gudzowaty, who dexterously explores a wide range of genres and formats—from social documentary to portraiture, from wildlife to sport, from austere black-and-white pictures in the tradition of photojournalism to sophisticated color compositions.

In editing the book, Gudzowaty eschews chronological or thematic order for a sequence shaped by moods and relationships, all unified by his consistent and engaging investigation of the world and human condition.
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