Andreas Feininger – Ein Fotografenleben | A Photographer's Life 1906-1999
192 pages, 17.8 x 23.8 cm , 732 g.
Andreas Feininger – Ein Fotografenleben | A Photographer's Life 1906-1999
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Andreas Feininger (1906–1999) spent his entire adult life exploring the artistic and technical possibilities and limitations of photography.

In terms of technique, he was the expert among experts. Artistically, the austere black-and-white lines and simplicity of his work brought him recognition the world over, and his images have long since gone down in the annals of photography.

This biography describes his life behind and beside the camera. The oldest son of painter Lyonel Feininger, beginning with his childhood, the book moves through his years at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau and the period he spent as an émigré in Paris and Stockholm to his years in the United States, where he worked as a photojournalist and photographer. Feininger contributed to Life magazine for twenty years and published countless textbooks and volumes of photographs—photography was his life.
EditorUrsula Zeller, Thomas Buchsteiner
PublisherHatje Cantz
LanguageEnglish, German
Illustrationswith 129 ills. in duotone
ContributorsThomas Buchsteiner
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceFriedrichshafen
Article IDart-13870


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