Candida Höfer – Zoologische Gärten
80 pages, 30 x 20 cm , 618 g.
Candida Höfer – Zoologische Gärten
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Candida Höfer, who is one of Germany’s most renowned contemporary artists, only ever works with the light available at the time she is working. She does without any additional artificial lighting, preferring an atmosphere bathed in daylight. She does however make use of artificial light if it is there and a definite part of the room. In contrast to her images of interiors that only rarely ever show any people, her views of zoo enclosures from 1990 do in fact show the “resident” animals. From this point of view a zoological garden functions like a museum in which the animals serve the purpose of the sculptures. Candida Höfer’s interest in interiors that have been designed for a certain purpose is perfectly in line with her motivation to take photos in a zoological garden. All the different spaces are permeated by the aspects that Candida Höfer focuses on in her work: order, sequence, structure, history, function, living space and its sensual and qualitative experience, too. (
Illustrationswith 30 ills
ContributorsHanna Hohl & Ulrich Loock
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