Roni Horn – This is Me, This is You
192 pages, 18.5 x 23 cm , 516 g.
Roni Horn – This is Me, This is You
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"This is Me, This is You", is Horn´s handbook of identity. With this uniquely bound twinned volume we have a book with no end. Peruse the 48 images taken with a point and shoot camera, and as you arrive at the last image, you turn the book over and begin again: now with a paired complement for each of the 48 images, taken only a few seconds later.

This work, a single and singular portrait photographed over a two year period evokes a multitude - of identities, of images, of icons from Bette Davis to Marlon Brando. Ultimately it is the multitude in each of us.
CoverSoftcover in slipcase
Illustrationswith 48 ills
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