Jacqueline Hassink – The Table of Power 2
224 pages, 26.5 x 32.2 cm , 1702 g.
Jacqueline Hassink – The Table of Power 2
Künstlerbuch-Edition III (Red Gum)
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The financial crisis of 2009 shook the global economy to its very foundations. Yet has anything changed at the centers of power since? Do executive suites look different than they used to? And what do they actually look like? A decade ago, Jacqueline Hassink (*1966 in Enschede, the Netherlands) captured images of desks and conference room tables at what were at the time the largest multinational corporations in the world. Magnum photographer Martin Parr included her project in his catalogue of the most important photo books of the twentieth century. Today, the artist is taking another look at the headquarters of the approximately fifty companies that the American business magazine Fortune lists as the most powerful actors on the market: banks, insurance companies, and corporations such as Shell, BP, Volkswagen, and ING. With scientific precision, Hassink focuses on the desks and tables in deserted, soulless rooms—as if emptiness was one of the inherent features of power.

Conceptual artist Jacqueline Hassink (*1966 in Enschede) studied sculpture in The Hague and Trondheim. She has lived in New York since 1997, where she has produced series of photographs and films dealing with the influence of business on life in society and the resulting rituals. She has also been a guest lecturer at Harvard University, the Wits University in South Africa, and the École d'arts appliqués in Vevey. Most of her projects are published in illustrated book form. Her works are collected and exhibited around the globe.
PublisherHatje Cantz
CoverRed Gum
Illustrationswith 539 ills
ContributorsMichiel Goudswaard, Jacqueline Hassink, Annegret Pelz, Jeroen van der Veer
Article IDart-13119


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