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Kurt Kocherscheidt & Elfie Semotan
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Augenecho (eye echo), the title of a three-part painting by Kurt Kocherscheidt, alludes to the pictural concept of ­hearing and seeing. Kocherscheidt’s intuitive formal ­inventions go back to gestures, bodily experiences, ­sensi­tivities and feelings. These can be replicated by viewers with no art-historical knowledge, especially since the painter himself spoke of the accessibility of his distinctly biomorphic, organic picture cosmos.

Semotan’s photographic works are concerned with the fragility of those portrayed. In her portraits that have evolved from fashion photography, especially her portraits of Kocherscheidt, we do not sense the glamour of the ­sitters, but their vulnerability; her quiet landscape-­portraits ­present sites of solitariness and contemplation.

Peter Gorsen reflects and comments on how Kocherscheidt’s paintings came about and evolved, while the ­work of both artists are documented and set next to each other in a comprehensive picture section.
EditorKlaus Gallwitz
PublisherRichter Verlag
Illustrationswith 38 col. & 51 b/w ills
ContributorsPeter Gorsen, Eva M. Morat
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceArp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Article IDart-12416


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