Arp – Craig–Martin – Arp
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Arp – Craig–Martin – Arp
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In appropriating eleven sculptures, eleven reliefs and eleven objects by Hans Arp, the artist Michael Craig-Martin (born 1941 in Dublin and living in London) presents everyday objects (mobile, shoe, scissors, etc.) that he has drawn on black-and-white wall surfaces. These mural drawings, which belong to the artist’s new work group that he realized at the Rolandseck railway station near Bonn/Germany, show stylized objects that have been linked to each other in a pattern repeat that expands to an allover network. Into these object drawings, Craig-Martin has integrated paintings of his objects, positioned on the same motif.

This interplay often practiced by the artist between appropriation and original was already apparent in his treatment of originals by his art colleagues, e.g., Jasper Johns’ beer cans or Magritte’s pipe.

The exhibition documented by numerous illustrations in this publication brings this appropriation process once again to our attention. The fact that Hans Arp’s sculptures and reliefs lead to Craig-Martin’s works forces the viewer to reflect on the original vs. its re-interpretation.
PublisherRichter Verlag
Illustrationswith 3 col. ills
ContributorsMichael Craig–Martin & Raim& Stecker
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