The Helsinki School 3
192 pages, 24.6 x 22.2 cm , 1416 g.
The Helsinki School 3
Young Photography by Taik
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“Do we need a fresh wind? Then hold on, here it is. Actually, a literal storm of images is blowing our way fromFinland.” This is what the German Press Agency wrote about the first two volumes of the Helsinki School series, which triggered a great deal of enthusiasm, even outside of the photography scene. The new third volume continues in this vein, introducing great young photographers from that talent forge way up north, the University of Art und Design in Helsinki.

The school teaches a very special approach to photography: not just particular ways of thinking about it, but also the notion of the camera as a conceptual tool– and all of this allows each generation a chance to re-invent it self. In this new volume, Timothy Persons introduces seventeen young artists and their incredibly multifaceted, experimental works of great technical perfection.
PublisherHatje Cantz
Illustrationswith 192 col. ills
ContributorsTimothy Persons, Katrin Hiller von Gaertringen, Janne Gallen-Kallela-Sirén
Article IDart-10595


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