Gelitin – Chinese Synthese Leberkase
64 pages, 21.2 x 26 cm , 410 g.
Gelitin – Chinese Synthese Leberkase
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The "Good Bad Boys" of international art met as kids at camp and have been playing and working together ever since.

They're best known for dramatic performances and installations – in 2005 alone their relentlessly physical work included Hase, a gigantic pink stuffed rabbit installed on a hill above Turin and scheduled to stay there for 20 years; Sweatwat, a chaotic spa-themed open-house; and The Tantamounter, an ersatz copy machine that turned out, in half an hour or less, handmade replicas of whatever object was dropped down its hatch.

Their first large-scale museum exhibit, documented here, offered unprecedented opportunities to spread out and take over a traditional venue. Their installations included a public restroom and a movie theater, and their opening was a two-day performance event that combined film, happening, performance art and rock-and-roll show.
EditorEckhard Schneider, Ali Janka, Wolfgang Gantner et al
PublisherKunsthaus Bregenz
CoverPaperback with flaps
Illustrationswith 50 col. ills
ContributorsChristian Egger
Type of bookExhib'publication
Museum / PlaceKunsthaus Bregenz
Article IDart-10576


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