Roman Signer – Projektionen
496 pages, 24 x 19 cm , 1914 g.
Roman Signer – Projektionen
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Projektionen brings together frames from all of the Super-8 and video films made by the Swiss artist Roman Signer. As fractions of time, the stills mark key moments in Signer’s precisely choreographed work: moments of collapse, of extreme acceleration and of temporary or prolonged hiatus, of transformation, of consolidation and dispersion.

The images convey Signer’s handling of time and space, movement and process, energy and energy conversion, chemistry and physics, experimental play and nomological consequence, reality and potential, natural science and existential philosophy.

This book presents a cross-section of Signer’s work and contains a catalog raisonné of all his Super-8 films and videos.
PublisherScheidegger & Spiess
Illustrationsthoroughly col. illustr.
ContributorsSimon Maurer
Museum / PlaceHelmhaus Zürich/ Hamburger Kunsthalle
Article IDart-08732


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