Judith Joy Ross – Protest the War
52 pages, 12.8 x 16 cm , 104 g.
Judith Joy Ross – Protest the War
Photographs by Judith Joy Ross
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Whether photographing the residents of working-class Freeland, Pennsylvania, former Ugandan child soldiers in New York City's Washington Square Park or anti-war protestors, Judith Joy Ross's photographs always reveal her distinct vision of people and place, and the ensuing story each captured image reveals. Ross's most recent work is a series of photographs of people in Pennsylvania protesting the war in Iraq, the majority of which were taken at a protest called 'Eyes Wide Open,' organized by the Quaker community. The personal connection Ross forges with her subjects is palpable and results in pictures that are sensitive reflections of both empowerment and vulnerability. With a remarkable ability to navigate socio-economic boundaries with ease, Ross creates touching portraits characterized by their candor, naturalism and fidelity to each subject's sense of self. They are revelations not only of the individuals but of humanity at large.
Illustrationswith 22 tritone ills
Museum / PlacePace/MacGill, New York
Article IDart-07385


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