The Last Magazine
288 pages, 24.9 x 33.3 cm , 2005 g.
The Last Magazine
Magazines in Transition
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This visual anthology of 150 of the world's most cutting-edge art, fashion, photography, architecture, and design periodicals currently in publication traces the evolution and future of magazines in the digital age in a visual survey. Selected from more than 20 countries are preeminent covers and layouts from independent magazines that advance the medium through their presentation, content, design, and tailoring to a niche market.

Featuring essays from top industry thinkers such as Steven Heller (New York Times Book Review), Terry Jones (i-D Magazine), and Robert Sacks (High Times, Time Inc.), this will be the sourcebook for magazine aficionados and professionals.
PublisherUniverse Publishing
CoverPaperback with flaps
Author(s)David Renard
Article IDart-07210


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