Takako Saito – Eß–Schachspiel
15 x 21.5 cm , 82 g.
Takako Saito – Eß–Schachspiel
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Takako Saito (*1929) is a Japanese artist. Closely associated with Fluxus, Saito contributed a number of performances and artworks to the movement, which continue to be exhibited in Fluxus exhibitions to the present day. She is most famous for her Silent Music piece and for her disrupted Chess sets.

Eß-Schachspiel and Blaues Regenbogen Wein Schachspiel by Takako Saito consists of 2 folded posters, each having a chess board design and game instructions in German.
PublisherEdition Hundertmark
NoteMappe mit 2 farbigen Postern
IllustrationsPortfolio with 2 posters
Museum / PlaceKöln
Article IDart-02841


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